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cleanhead42's Journal

Charles A. Mackenzie
11 August 1956
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I am a 49 year old man who is bald by choice. I suppose I am an ageing punk-rocker. I am something of an introverted extravert or perhaps an extraverted introvert. I've not quite figured that one out yet. To be continued...
33rpm, 45s, 78s, absolutely fabulous, all that jazz, animaniacs, anologue sound reproduction, april march, ass play, ass worship, babylon 5, bbw, bdsm, bicycle touring, bicycles, bicyling, big asses, billie holiday, black women, blaxploitation soundtracks, blues, bob fosse, bob wills, bondage, bonzo dog band, boogie woogie, bootsy collins, bourbon, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, cab calloway, cabaret, camp, camping, cats, champion jack dupree, cole porter, comic books, country & western, curtis mayfield, dada, dancing, denys arcand, dinah washington, doctor who, donald byrd, earl grey tea, eartha kitt, eddie "cleanhead" vinson, ella fitzgerald, emmylou harris, eric kroll, erotic vulnerabilty, facesitting, fellini, femdoms, firefly, flirting, flogging, funk, fyodor dostoevsky, gaia hypothesis, genderfuck, george melly, goon show, gore vidal, gospel music, greek mythology, guido crepax, guinness, hank williams, helmut newton, history, iggy pop, indian food, james brown, jazz, jazz-funk, john waters, johnny cash, joss wheddon, jump blues, kinky sex, klaus nomi, kraftwerk, kurt weill, leather, leonard cohen, los bros hernandez, louis jordan, love and rockets, lps, marianne faithfull, marlene dietrich, marx brothers, monty python, mythology, new york city, new york dolls, nikolai gogol, nina simone, nino rota, noel coward, older women, patricia o'callaghan, patsy cline, paul cadmus, paul robeson, pierre trudeau, plump women, power exchange, punk rock, puns, pvc, quentin crisp, ray charles, record collecting, religions, reubenesque women, rhythm & blues, richard hell, robert silverberg, romanticism, round asses, rumpole, scotland, screamin' jay hawkins, slim gaillard, soul, south park, spanking, spirituaility, subversion, subversive art, surf music, surrealism, tennesee williams, the cramps, the stooges, tommy douglas, underground comics, vinyl, vivian stanshall, voluptuous women, whips, william s. burroughs, wynonie harris