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Moving my stuff

Last October when I moved out of 1958 Venables Street , I was emotionally exhausted and, as some of you know, a nervous wreck. Six months later, I am considerably less of a nervous wreck.

My landlord was kind enough to allow me to store my records, books, comics, VCR, DVD player, stereo and other stuff are stored in former landlord's attic. It was an arrangement I was not altogether comfortable with, but it was the only one available to me at the time. Mind you, I am grateful to him. He too is a record collector. This arrangement was made with understanding that I would get my stuff out by the end of May.

The end of May is now almost here. I have now set a date with my landlord remove my stuff from my his attic and move it to the shed and basement of my present address. The date I set is Saturday, May 19 at around 11.

I could use some help in moving the stuff, in fact the more the merrier. Also, if anyone LJ land has a truck or van that is in working order, that would be a greater help. I will glad to compensate the petrol costs. Failing that, I could rent a truck.There is no awkward bulky furniture and everything is in relatively small sealed boxes (except for four speakers).

Some have accused me using my record collecting (and comic book collecting) as substitute for human companionship. There are those who have called my compulsive collecting an addiction. Mind you, I do clean my needles with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Granted, it is true that there is a component of obsession to my collecting. And I, like most collectors, stuggle with completist impulses. Since I generally don't do drugs, music is my prefered means of a stimulant, relaxant, euphoriant etc. In times of pain, despair and lonliness, it where I look to for solace, hope and courage.

Perhaps I use the accumulation and posession of a magnificent music library to give me a sense of control and sometimes as a cushion against a sense of loss and powerlessness. Whether or not this is healthy is debatable. Nevertheless, I do not want to lose my collection.
I wonder if those of us who are collctors,on a sub-conscience level, are stockpiling records, books and other sacred cultural artifacts in preparation for a possible (probable?) oncoming Dark Ages in the hope our collections will not succumb to the same fate as the library in Alexandria. I have observed some of the harbingers, such as the brutalization of culture, especially in popular entertainments.
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