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I really don't like moving

Last October, I had to move again. My landlady wants to sell her house and has given notice in August that she required that her tenants move out by November 1. I liked it there. I have felt safe there. The place was exactly what I needed at the time. At the same time, one drawback to this place is the location (57th & Fraser). While it is convenient for work (less than a half hour bike ride), I have felt isolated and I became more reclusive than is healthy. This is partially due recent events as described previous entries. About a month before, the temper tantrums in my head ran their course (i.e. "NO! I don't wanna move!" "It's not fair!" "I'm not ready to move yet!" "The housing market is scary!" "Why won't the gods let up on the curveballs they've been throwing at me?" and so forth). Last year when I had to look for a place to live, it was a bit of a nightmare for me. This is perhaps why I took so long to get started in looking for place to live. It also doesn't help that the business of looking for place to and moving opens up an emotional Pandora's Box in me.

Although I do not have the same attachment to this place as I did to 1958 Venables, it was hard to leave there. Then again, moving has always been hard for me. Also, I did not want repeat of the year before. This time around, I am a little more clear headed about the situation and I do not want a repeat of last year. I was settling into my new job and now in a position to rebuild my finances. As such, I would have liked to have waited until Spring to move but there we are. I have decided to seek another room in stead of spending $600 to $800 on an apartment. One day, when I have improved my fortunes, I would like to move into a place that is big enough for me to enjoy my stereo, my record collection, my books, both of my bicycles and to entertain my friends properly.

After the start of this writing, I did find a place. When I first looked at it, I wasn't particularly impressed. It was OK, but seemed a bit of dump to me. However, after a few days reflection (and at the advice of my father), I decided to take the place. I asked myself if I would take this place if I desperate (yes). Having to out by the of the month qualified somewhat as semi-desperate. Also, I didn't have much time and I did not have the energy to go through the whole business of looking for a place to live. So I took it and started moving my stuff in mid October to reduce the stress of moving.

This place is not as pleasant as the last place but it is adequate for my needs at present. One thing it has going for it is location (11th Avenue between Main and Fraser), that is to say more central. I am now closer to Downtown and to some of my friends. Now Just have to work up the nerve to call them but that too is another story.

Also, Did I mention that I really hate moving?
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