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My Poor Front Rim

Damn! Yesterday at work, I noticed that the rim of the front wheel of my bicycle was in really sad shape. So I decided that after work, I would ride my bike to Our Community Bikes and buy a new wheel. However, when I got over the Knight Street Bridge and up to Knight St. & 49th, the rim had disintegrated.

My first thought was to blame the gods for throwing so many curve balls at me that is was impossible to keep up. That is only partially true. In truth, I had seen this coming and had made plans to buy a new rim and spokes and spokes build a new wheel as a spingtime project. Yes, I know. I really should get around to stopping procrastinating.

So today I will endure public transit and after work take the bus to OCB and buy a good second hand wheel with a 700mm rim. This will buy me time so that when time and finances permit, I can a some new higher end rims, spokes and hubs and build new wheels befitting my Roberts.
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