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A Fruitless Search (so far)

I have now been searching for place to live for a little more than four months. I have been going on craigslist as my main source. It's frustrating and sometimes it feels like an exercise in futility. Every time I look at a place That I imagine myself living for the next year, there are at least fifteen other people looking at the same place. It appears that I have three strikes against me: I am male, I am middle aged and I don't make very much money.I don't think I am that fussy. At the best of times, searching for a place to live is an emotionally harrowing ordeal. It is only recently that I have been able to keep my emotional issues about living space in check.

In September, there was one place in Marpole that was suitable despite being in a basement. Unfortunately, I told the landlord that I would like to sleep on it. Next morning, I called him and informed him that I wanted the place and asked when I could get the rent deposit to him. He told me someone had already taken the place and "You snooze you lose". So close and yet so far away. I am still kicking myself for that.

This morning, I saw on Craigslist an ad for a place on 1st & Commercial. I really would like to near the Drive again which is my "stomping grounds". The house was pretty much what I am looking for. The women there were very nice. We seemed to hit it off rather well. We asked each other various questions about comfort zones and boundaries and related matter. When I left, it felt promising. However, after a while, it occurred to me that I probably not what they are looking for in roommate.

At this point, I am willing to settle for a place in South Burnaby, New Westminster, North Surrey or even Richmond. I don't know how much longer I can handle "couch surfing". I have been staying with a friend who has acted beyond the call of duty. I can't stay there much longer as I don't wish to abuse his hospitality and my presence there does crowd the place.

Below is the the form letter I have been responding the Craigslist ads with. I have also been tailoring it according to the ads as they come up. Maybe there's something wrong with my approach.

I am looking for a reasonably priced and bicycle safe place to live (Nov 1 or before). Your ad on Craigslist caught my attention. Also, I want to live near the Drive again.

About myself:

- I am 51 years old.
-I am a non-smoker
-I am very fond of cats.
-My sense of humour is silly and dark but never hateful
- I am open minded and fairly easy going.
-I am reasonably clean, especially where others around me are concerned.
- I am willing to share in cleaning and household chores.
-I am employed at DBC Marine Safety Equipment in Richmond.
-What I seek most in a flatmate(s) is compatibility and a sense of community. If a friendship develops in the course of time, so much the better.
-My main hobbies are around bicycles and record collecting.
-I am pretty good at fixing bikes
-References available upon request

I can be reached at 778-997-4970 or by e-mail to arrange a time for a viewing.
Kind regards, Charles A. Mackenzie,
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I don't know exactly when this would happen, but if my room mate bails I'll be in touch. she has this vague notion of finding a place of her own in the west end but considering she just went on disability leave, it seems unlikely
oh... yuck.
that hurts.

Let's call S around noon.
It's so hard to find a place. When I found my place on Commercial Drive, I felt like crying because I was so relieved that they had "chosen" me. And I was so thankful that I found my place near Joyce (not that I am ever there). Finding a good place is hard in this city.
Oh, you have probably done this, but put an ad of your own on Craigslist. You never know. Although, if you get any responses, half will be by people who can't read. But you may just get a literate person! (That's how I found my place on Commercial.)
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