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In Toronto

Right now, I am in an Internet cafe on Bloor Street near Bathurst. I am in Toronto for the week staying with my parents. It has done me good to reconnect with them. My mum & dad have been far from perfect parents but the have for the most part, done right by me. My mum has taught me to not accept simple answers and has imparted a healthy distrust of authority. My dad has imparted to me a strong aesthetic sense and a refined appreciation of the female body. This is the first vacation I have had since January of 2006. As well as getting away from my search for a place to live, I have been rediscovering Toronto. Although Vancouver has been (and still is) my home for the past 27 years, there has been a number of things that I have missed about Toronto. They are little things such as red brick houses, older architecture (i.e.character), enough greenery downtown to make walking through it more pleasurable and people less afraid to look at the dark side of life.

Also my dad had an opening for his latest paintings. The opening was a success. I think they are some his best work ever. They can be seen at . And yes I suppose it's that an ass fixation is genetic but that's another story.
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