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Having to find new digs again

"For the sword outwears it's sheath
And the soul outwears the breast
And the heart must pause to breath
And love itself to have rest"
-Lord Byron

My very dear friend Val, whom I have been lodging with since October, has found it necessary to sell her house. Ergo, I have to find a new place to live before the end of July.

When Val offered me lodgings at her house last September, I warned her that she was inviting into her port a ship with a battered hull, torn sails and a busted fuel pump. Since then, I have been able affect some repairs if not actually completing them. I am very grateful to Val for giving me the space to do this and providing a more emotionally supportive living environment.

As fond as I am of living here, I do not feel the same emotional attachment to this place as I did to 1958 Venables. When I moved in here, the intent was that this place would be a short term sanctuary. In fact, my emotional reactions to having to move are more straight forward. It's just the frustration of the inconvenience of it all and the anxiety of finding a new place. Also, it helps that most of my stuff is still packed in boxes.

As I am still in the process of getting my life back on track (financially and emotionally) I am looking for place that is not too expensive (i.e. not more than $500/month). Ideally, I would like to find a place in my old stomping grounds, the Commercial Drive area. However, given limited funds and time, I am not going to be so fussy. Also, I am open to shared accommodation preferably in a house that is bicycle friendly as well as S&M (and R&B) friendly.

If anyone LJ land knows of anything going or can advise me, please let me know.
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